Dream Trip to Macau

“Oi meu nome é Uncle Zuan, eu sou da Malásia”

This might be the sentences to say ‘Hi, my name is Uncle Zuan, I’m from Malaysia‘ and introduce myself to strangers when I’m in Macau.

Ops, wasnt’ Macau people spoke in Cantonese? Hehe for your information Portuguese are also official language in Macau. Some now might wondering why Portuguese is one of their official language, well it is because Portuguese administered Macau from 16th century until late 1999 (and now you know why, you’re welcome) 😉

macau culture

Now why suddenly Uncle Zuan wrote about ‘Dream Trip to Macau‘? Well you see, it’s a contest! Yups, it a contest held by Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia! Yeay!!! 😀

3 lucky bloggers (including me of course) with most interesting blog post will win 3D2N all expenses paid holiday (including return air ticket and 2 nights accommodation at a 4-star hotel) to Macau (you might now thinking that its hard to win this contest because Uncle Zuan is in the house baby hehehe).

The task is quite simple (is it??? because there is so many Amazing things to share about Macau!), you just need to write an entry with title – ‘Dream Trip to Macau‘, and list down 3 Most Amazing Things that makes you want to visit Macau.

After tons of filtering, here’s my top 3 reasons why I want to visit Macau:

(1) World Heritage

macau heritage

Macau is rich with world heritage, and there is no doubt bout it. Did you know that Macau have more than 20 ancient monuments and urban squares (I’m imagining myself selfie with my new iPhone at one of these monuments) that was inscribed on World Heritage List in 2005.

Here is some of it:

On the top left we got A-Ma Temple. top right, Dom Pedro V Theatre. Bottom left, Monte Forte and bottom right, Casa Garden

On the top left image we got A-Ma Temple. top right, Dom Pedro V Theatre. Bottom left, Monte Forte and bottom right, Casa Garden.

On top left here we got, Senado Square; top right, Company of Jesus Square. On bottom left, St. Dominic's Square; and bottom right, Cathedral Square

On top left image here we got, Senado Square; top right, Company of Jesus Square. On bottom left, St. Dominic’s Square; and bottom right, Cathedral Square.

Awesome places to visit, to learn its history and not to forget, to selfie right? 😀

You should check out full list of Macau World Heritage here for more excitement. And after you see all list, you might agree with me that 3D2N trip might not enough to experience all of it.

Ohhh sorry, forgot to mention, thanks to MGTO, visitors will now have their suggested trip planner which will make visitors trip easier and much better. Checkout tour of historical trails below;

a tour of macau historical trails

click image to enlarge

Believe me, you might not gonna miss everything. 😉


(2) Culture & Entertainment

macau portugiese

If you go on a trip, learning others culture is what you shouldn’t miss. So learning Portuguese Dance with cute girl is something that I’m looking forward to (who knows that this cute girl will be special gift to my Mom when I get back to Malaysia hehehe) 😀

But, that’s not what they only have in Macau, here’s the ‘Vibrant Moment Experience Macau‘ clips which shows you why you should experience Macau, enjoy;

There is tons of shows and activity that shouldn’t be missed. They got shows like The House of Dancing Water, Wynn Performance Lake, Wishing Crystals and Dragon’s Treasure. Opss did I forgot to mention that in Macau they have the World’s Highest Bungy Jump at speeds of up to 200km/h!!!??

Checkout A J Hackett broke his World Record at the Macau Tower;

Exciting right??? So, its wise to plan properly your trip in Macau by following suggested schedule by MGTO. check all the performance schedule so you wont miss these amazing things.

Checkout more amazing video clips shared by MGTO here.

And also, please checkout tours of arts and culture trip planner image below suggested by MGTO. 😉

click image to enlarge

click image to enlarge


(3) The Macau Islamic Society

The only Mosque in Macau called Macau Mosque build in the 1980s

The only Mosque in Macau called Macau Mosque build in the 1980’s

For your information, Islam religion is a minority in Macau region with estimation around 400 Muslims lives there. Because they were in such a small society, Muslims in Macau face issues with availability time to pray (Dhuhr and Asr period) because they only have one break during their working period.

Sounds like its hard for Muslims to get halal food there right folks? Yes it might be hard because the first halal restaurant was lunch in 2012 called Taste of India serve Indian and Portuguese halal cuisines. Based on my googling activity, its was hard to find halal food for travelers, but thanks to today’s technology, the word ‘hard‘ might be soon be erased in your dictionary.

Left is; Taste of India at Macau Fisherman's Wharf. Right, Islamic Association of Macau headquarters

Left image is; Taste of India at Macau Fisherman’s Wharf. Right image, Islamic Association of Macau headquarters

After I Googling more about Islamic Society in Macau, makes me eager to go there to see, feel and know more on how Muslim survive in Macau (I want to learn more on culture, work, food, etc.. because actually there is sooooooo little information about this on the internet).

For some, this might not be so interesting things to see, but for me it is the one that excites me because of how Muslims live as a minority in Macau. So this is one of the solid reasons why I want go to win trip to Macau (and not to forget, making myself fat by eating Indian and Portuguese halal cuisines). 😀

macau exciting event

And that’s it. That is top 3 most amazing things that makes Macau a dream trip. Sorry if there is so much picture in this entry. You know that picture mean thousand word that makes you dreaming, and that means I got thousand reasons to visit Macau.

If I’m not selected to be the one to win the trip, Its okay because I already happy sharing amazing things in Macau to all the readers 🙂


Check out Macau Government Tourist Office’s official website and official Facebook page for more information.

p.s entry ini ‘sengaja’ ditulis dalam bahasa Inggeris sebab den dah lama tak menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris, dan terima kasih den tau den sangat ‘hebat’ bila menulis dalam bahsa Inggeris. 😀

trip to macau

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