Casino Wagering Requirements Explained

How to complete casino bonus wagering requirements. Most players at online casinos 메이저놀이터 사이트 love getting a   bonus. After all, you get a chance to win without risking too much of your own money – what could be better, right? But, as most of you probably know,  wagering requirements come with most bonuses,   and these have to be completed before you can

Whether you’ll manage to complete this requirement or not is for the most part up to luck, but there are some tricks as to how to increase the likelihood of success that the casino experts at GoodLuckMate have shared with me, and I, of course, will now share with you! Before I get started, I’d like to take a moment and explain some basics about bonuses and their terms.

The first thing you should be aware of is that there are a multitude of different bonuses available at online casinos, and the same goes for the terms connected to them. The terms are what determine if a bonus is any good or not because these are what decide if and when you can cash out your winnings.

So, when choosing a bonus,   don’t just look at the percentage of extra money or the amount of cash or free spins you can get,   also take some time to understand what is required before you can withdraw winnings from the casino.

The wagering requirement is often the only thing most players look at if they look at all, but you should also be checking the terms to see if there are any max bets, excluded games, or anything else that dictates what and how you can play.

If the cashout amount is capped or not is also important to know. As a general rule,   if a casino caps your winnings from a bonus in any way, you should consider finding another casino to play at.

As for the wagering requirement, well, let’s dive into that now. Wagering is what you bet. It has nothing at all to do with winnings,   as that’s a separate thing entirely. But, to be able to wager through a bonus requirement, you’ll need to win.

This is because the wagering will,  usually, be higher than the bonus amount you get.   Casinos can make up any kind of system they want for wagering requirements connected to a bonus,   but two main types are considered standard: Wager the bonus: If you’re required to wager only your bonus, that means that whatever amount of “real” money you have at the casino is not a  part of the wagering requirement.

You’ll usually have to first play with your real money before you can start playing with the bonus you have. In other words, you’ll need to lose your real money before you can start benefiting from your bonus money.

This is also why these bonuses are often called “second-chance bonuses,”   because they give you a new chance to win if you’re unlucky with your own money.  The industry standard for this version of wagering requirement is 35x your bonus.

If you get a €100   bonus you need to wager €3,500 before the bonus money is converted into real money that you can then withdraw. But again, this can only be done after you have lost your real money.

Wager bonus and deposit: If you need to wager both your bonus and the money you deposit yourself then you’ll usually start the wagering towards the bonus straight away.   You’ll be playing with both real money and bonus money at the same time, and the split is equal to the percentage you got as a bonus.

If you got a 100% bonus and bet €2 on a spin of a slot,   then you’re betting €1 real money and  €1 bonus money. If you win from this spin,   the payout will again be split between real and bonus according to the same percentage as the bet.

The industry standard for this version of wagering requirement is 30x your bonus and deposit.   If you get a €100 bonus from a 100%  deposit offer, you need to wager €6000   before the bonus money is converted into real money that you can then withdraw.

But, at most casinos, you can choose to make a withdrawal at any point during your wagering with this type of bonus, however, you’ll only be able to withdraw what you have in real money.

You will forfeit everything in your bonus balance unless you first complete the wagering. As you can see from the examples with wagering,  it can seem that it’s much better to get a bonus where only the bonus needs to be wagered, as the total amount you need to wager is less.

That’s not always the case, though, because you need to lose your own money first. In many cases, the other option where you need to wager both is just as good, or even better,   depending on the percentage you get as a bonus.

As a rule of thumb,   if you get less than 100% as a bonus it’s better to only wager the bonus,   but if you get more than 100% as a bonus both the versions above are equally good, or bad depending on how you want to see the terms… Now.

Let’s get to the interesting part – how to increase your chances of completing the wagering you need to get through to cash out winnings from your bonus. I mentioned that wagering doesn’t have anything to do with winnings,   but to be able to wager something like €3,500  from a bonus of €100, you have to   win while playing.

You need to  win enough to be able to keep on playing. The most surefire way to do this is by playing a game with low volatility.   In these games, you’ll win often, although you might not hit big wins.

With lots of frequent,   but small wins, your balance will not be all that volatile,   and chances are that you can keep on playing for hours with the money you have. You should also keep the bets per game round fairly low.

Not only because casinos often have a max bet that you’re allowed to play with while wagering a bonus,   but also because a smaller bet will keep you in play longer. The worst thing you can do, even if the casinos allow it, is bet a high percentage of your balance on each bet.

If you hit a  losing streak you’ll deplete your balance,   and thus not complete the wagering. Ideally, don’t bet more than 0.5% or 1% of your balance per spin. I say “spin,” but it goes for any type of game, not just slots.

However,   not all casinos will allow you to wager a  casino bonus on anything other than slots,   and even if they do, you should stick to slots. If casinos allow you to wager through your bonus on other games, such as table games or even within their live casino, the wagering contribution is usually very low for these games.

That means that only a small percentage of your bet will count toward the wagering. A €5 bet on blackjack might only contribute €0.50 towards the wagering,   which means it will take a very long time to get through all the wagering you need.

Certain types of bets or progressive strategies might also be disallowed. Some slots also contribute less than others,  but for the most part, slot bets do have a   100% contribution. Just make sure that you check which slots are excluded from play with a bonus.

Usually, that will be progressive slots and sometimes also jackpot slots. Long story short, to have the best possible chance to play through any type of wagering requirement,   play slots with low volatility with a low bet.

Once the wagering needed is completed,   you can go ahead and request a  withdrawal, or simply keep on playing.   At that stage, you can of course play whatever you want,   with whichever bets and volatility you prefer, as it’s then your real money.

It’s only before the bonus money is converted into real money that you need to make sure to not breach any of the bonus terms. Because, if you breach them,   the casino might take your winnings and you thus forfeit the whole bonus.

Choosing the right bonus, with the right terms,  is very important. Make sure that the bonus and its terms are in line with how you want to play and what you want to play. On the GoodLuckMate website, you’ll find thousands of different bonuses available for players around the world,   so chances are that you can get a  bonus that’s the perfect fit for you! If you enjoyed this video, stay tuned for more industry-related news, casino reviews,   as well as tips and tricks.

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