What is 검색엔진최적화 and 3 reasons its important.

What is 검색엔진최적화 and 3 reasons its important.


The typical types of Google AdSense 검색엔진최적화 are the same as above, but there are two types of ‘AdSense for content’ and ‘AdSense for search’ that can be used in Tistory blog. Among them, AdSense for content is the most basic. What is AdSense for Content?

AdSense for content is literally AdSense 구글광고 for installing on websites with ‘content’. Many blogs and websites are running ads based on AdSense for this content, and they get most of their revenue from it.

AdSense does not authorize ads to appear on sites that are judged to lack content, and if a page with more ads than content is found after approval, sanctions will be imposed. The ‘Valuable Inventory’ section of the AdSense Program Policy states as follows. 

In other words, the AdSense revenue-type Tistory blog will use ‘AdSense  검색엔진최적화 for content’ by default, and to make money using it. Even if you blog for the purpose of making money, the essence of a blogger is to write valuable articles. Advertising revenue can easily increase as the value of content increases.

It is the most important revenue share ratio. Google AdSense distributes a portion of the revenue generated from advertisements placed on AdSense for Content to AdSense publishers. If Google advertises 키워드광고 A through AdSense and receives $1 in advertising fees, the publishers of AdSense where the ad is placed share 68 cents.

What is a backlink?

Another important thing in SEO업체 is backlinks. In addition to writing good content, backlinks are also important enough to be mentioned a lot when discussing Google SEO. A backlink is an external link from another website to our website. Backlinking means that another website has recommended or referred to an article on your website. So backlinks affect how Google judges the credibility of a website. (Because the fact that it is mentioned and cited a lot in other places is proof that there are so many good data)

The more websites backlinked, the higher the authority (domain score) of those websites, the better. To put it simply, it matters how many times your great friend has mentioned your website. Spammers also know that backlinks are good, so they do artificial backlink work in a variety of ways (such as running multiple websites and exchanging links with each other like a spider’s web).